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The Person Below Me- Alien Edition
Tokiya 1

I am particapating in  this challenge over at pixel_trade !

My prompt was by slyndsey who wrote:
"The person below me will make a shy, awkward alien with a skintone of your favorite color. He or she, will have small, skittish eyes and a slightly upturned nose. Him or her's favorite hobbies include art, summer, and weird indie music."

So, introducing... Kiera!

Quite clearly my favorite colour is pink. :)
I am really happy with how she turned out, she is a real cutie.

And stats if anyone is interested:
Aspiration: Family
Turn on's: Glasses and Hard Worker
Turn off: Swimwear

Download her here
She comes packaged with no CC for your convenience. :)

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Oh man she IS a real cutie - almost like she's a child - omg childlike empress maybe?! :D :D

Awww, yay! I just wanted an excuse to use that cute hair. :)

She's adorable and I agree, very childlike. ^_^

She is just my type, cute and innocent looking! And yea, that hair was a good choice!

Yay! I am glad to hear that! And that hair is my new favorite. :)

Aww, she's just how I imagined her!
I love her nose and her hair.

Yay! I am so glad. I have never made an alien before so I am happy she turned out how you envisioned. :)
And that hair is certainly going to sneak into my legacy at one point. hehe

I love her lips too, they are so pouty. -pokes them-

She's so cute Ayano :) Love her magenta-ish skin!

Thank you! I love her pink skin too. :*

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